How to Play Injustice: Gods Among Us on PC – Free to Play Version

Injustice: Gods Among Us is still, to this day, one of the best free to play beat up games ever made. While it already has a sequel, there are still tons of players even investing their time in the first game. This part is because it is friendlier for older devices. A high progression that players do not want to lose, and a large amount of content.

Many players (around more than 100,000) keep on playing the first Injustice – mostly because the developers keep on updating it with great skins, limited-time events, and intense multiplayer combat. It makes sense that Netherrealm Studios frequently supports the game because of how much money they make. The console version may already have had its final form, but if it’s your first time playing Injustice, now is an excellent time to learn the ropes. If you played the console version and assume that the controls and combat are the same, you thought wrong. Here are the essential tips to remember on how to play Injustice free to play on PC.


Injustice Tap to Shoot Mode


3v3 combat

Unlike the 1v1 duels on console and Steam, this version mainly features a 3v3 combat system where you can choose whoever heroes and villains you want in the lineup. You can tag them at any time if you’re going to pull off power combos and super arts. It is also the only version of the game that features a tag system, so many players like this one. Arguably, you can consider it a better game than the consoles if you prefer tag fights and many quick-time events.

Different Tiers

While there are only more than a dozen fighters in the game, each of them has different tiers: bronze, silver, and gold. If you are starting the game, you will work with bronze fighters. These are considered very beginner-friendly and are quite a good investment if you want to spend most of the early game time. However, we recommend that you don’t spend all of your resources on them since a maxed-out bronze fighter goes toe with a silver fighter. The stat differences are enormous.

You will only want to stay with the bronze heroes to save up enough cash to buy the silver version of themselves. Gold is where most of the whales and long-time players spend time. These are the highest tier fighters and scale so much when given the proper resources. Unless you are willing to pay for the game, expect 200 years of grinding before you can get at least one gold fighter.

Various Costumes with Exclusive Skills

Every character also has their own set of costumes. These costumes contribute multiple effects and fighting moves, making them a worthy time to invest in. For example, Batman has over five different outfits: standard, Insurgent, Red Son, Batman Beyond, and The Dark Knight. Each of these has buffs, combat styles, and movie sets. We can’t tell you which is meta or not. Still, they are great to unlock not just for effective combat to grind through the game but also for collection purposes. It’s like stacking up on action figures but with DC costumes.

Knowing Your QTE

QTE or Quick Time Events in this game happen most of the time if you aren’t striking down your opponents with jabs and kicks. Every special attack involves QTE: where you must press or hold the designated key in front of you. Some may include holding just one attack key, while others are repeatedly tapping to generate enough power. It is excellent and highly engaging gameplay that you don’t ever see in any other fighting games. Even if you don’t press the buttons correctly, some juice is still left for your hero in dealing damage.

Joining Events

Many times, the game will feature one or two events for you to join. These events include bonus XP and resources for your favorite heroes. These game modes also provide the most challenges for players, ancient ones, and returning combatants. It’s quite amazing to see that a seven-year-old game still gets many updates, even if Injustice 2 already exists. You got to admire the developers’ dedication to it.


Injustice Combat Game


How to Download Injustice: Gods Among Us for Free

While it may seem challenging to memorize all the things you need in the game, downloading it is the other way around. What’s even better is that you won’t have to switch to another site and only to try the game out. See these steps below and start your action-adventure in Injustice: Gods Among Us for Free.

  1. Click on the “Play Now” button that you can see on your screen to start the process. Also, you can head to the Download page of this site and identify the best system that will work for your PC.
  2. Once selected, the process will begin installing on your PC. Ensure to check on the “yes” button and agree to all terms and conditions before proceeding.
  3. Wait for several minutes as the game downloads all the resources needed.
  4. After completed, the game will automatically run and launch on your desktop.
  5. Enjoy the game for free and share these simple and amazing steps with your friends.

So, Whenever you have some free time or eager to try the game, follow all these basic guidelines to start your adventure! Download and play Injustice: Gods Among Us for Free